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If each player in a foursome saves five seconds per shot,

each round of golf would be shortened by 30 minutes!


  • Minimize practice swings.
  • If one player cannot reach the group in front, let him hit first.
  • All members of a group should try to watch each other's shots until the ball comes to rest. This will avoid many lost balls.
  • Carry a spare ball in your pocket.
  • Give instruction only on the driving range.


  • Tee off when you are ready and there is room to hit, whether or not you have honors or you hit the farthest.
  • Hit a provisional if in doubt.
  • After hitting, return to your clubs and be ready to proceed.


  • Limit lost ball search to 3 minutes. A ball played after 3 minutes results in a penalty.
  • Be ready to play with selected club in hand as soon as it is your turn.
  • Drop off cart passenger, and then go to your ball.


  • Read the green as you are approaching it, or when others are putting.
  • Putt out, unless impeded by another ball.
  • Park carts towards the rear of the green and next tee.
  • Mark scorecards on next tee, not this green.
  • Leave yur extra clubs between your ball and your cart/next tee.
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