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History of the Temeku Hills Men's Golf Club

In early 1998 a small number of homes in Temeku Hills were being moved into. The golf course was the center of the young community.

Those of us who were golfers joined the existing men’s club that consisted mostly of folks who had been members at the SCGA course. (Formerly called The Ranch California Golf Club). They had moved here when the SCGA told them they didn’t want a Men’s club there.

During that year McMillin Companies informed them that the golf fees were going to be raised by $1.00. This so incensed the board that they arranged to go back to the SCGA Course using the name of the Inland Valley Men’s Club. In their last official act they held an election for the following year for Temeku Hills. Jim Dent was elected President and Homer Corrodi was elected Vice President. No other officers were elected.

In January of l999 they were gone. That left those of us who lived at Temeku to fend for ourselves. We still had the title of the Temeku Hills Men’s Club so we started rounding up a board and also trying to get members. At that time we had 24 members that remained here.

First board members were Jack McCabe, Secretary, Larry Baker, Membership, Ken Welte, Handicap & Rules and John Williams, Treasurer. We all worked as Tournament Chairman until one day after golf Dick Fitzsimmons made the mistake of asking what we were doing figuring out who won that day. He was then and there made tournament chairman.

Slowly the membership grew to about 80 golfers thanks to Larry Baker’s hard work. Larry was accused of trying to get a telephone pole to sign up to golf.

One time we struck a deal with the golf course to play for $20.00 but we had to guarantee 25 golfers per week. This scared the you know what out of us because we only had $200.00 in our treasury. We survived.

Things went well and the club grew by leaps and bounds until McMillin sold the course and members left like rats leaving a sinking ship. But again, we survived. New owners took over and the rest is pretty much history.

We have been blessed with hard working Presidents and Board Members through the years. Thanks to wonderful members and a lot of luck we have survived. 

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