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Local Rules



OUT OF BOUNDS – Homeowner Fences, maintenance yard walls, driving range, and public roads define the course boundary. A ball which crosses a public road and comes to rest beyond that road is out of bounds. Rule 18.2, MLR A-3.

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS – All concrete water housings, block or rock retaining walls and power poles. Free Relief. Rule 16.1.

SPRINKLER HEADS – If the sprinkler head is within two club lengths of the green and the ball is within two club lengths of the sprinkler head in a closely mown area, free line of play relief. MLR F-5.

FRENCH DRAINS- Containing gravel or not, free relief. Rule 16.1. OVERHEAD POWER LINES-A ball which strikes an elevated power line must

be replayed. No penalty. MLR E-11.

RED PENALTY AREAS- All water ponds and concrete water channels. All Acacia bushes. Rule 17.1

HOLES 7, 8, and 11- The penalty area begins at the redline or fairway edge of the concrete channel and extends to the course boundary. Rule 17.1

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