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At the Legends Golf Course

Hello THMGC members, It is my job to communicate handicap rules to you according to the USGA. 

Effective 2016: Playing alone and necessary peer review: To further support the key System premise of peer review, scores made while playing alone will no longer be acceptable for handicap purposes. This change underscores the importance of providing full and accurate information regarding a player’s potential scoring ability, and the ability of other players to form a reasonable basis for supporting or disputing a posted score. (Section 5-1: Acceptability of Scores)

All scores for handicap purposes, tournament, or non-tournament are subject to the application of Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

Before posting a score, you are required to adjust individual hole scores using the ESC Guidelines below.

                     COURSE HANDICAP               MAXIMUM NUMBER ON ANY HOLE
       9 or less                                   Double Bog
10 through 19 

 20 through 29                                       8
through 39                                        9

0 or more                                           10

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