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At the Legends Golf Course

John Hamby
Jim Dent
Vice President and
Parliamentarian/Historian/Special Events Coordinator

Robert Dubay
Tournament Director

Bob Dubay or 951-506-2971

Richard McAlpine
Don Wadsworth

John Kupka
Handicap Chairman and SCGA Delegate

Ron Vaught

Membership Chairman and

Website Chairman

Lee Wortman
Rules Chairman

Except for a hiatus for a couple of years, a club member since its inception in 1998.
A member of the Southern California PGA Rules Committee since 2004.

Ron Vaught
Past President and
Web Site Chairman

Lou Lanni,

Script Manager

I am honored to have been selected to succeed Ron Frederick as the THMGC Scrip Chairman. Ron has done a fantastic job of setting up and managing the Scrip process in support of our club for over 10 years. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude for his hard work and commitment. I will strive to do as well during my tenure.

Ron Frederick
SDCSG Team Captain

Bill Ryan

TVGL Captain